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Time Management -How I cut my office hours in half in 4 steps
Learn how to manage your time and how to eliminate your biggest time wasters following 4 easy steps.

Petar Ninovski
Business Model Canvas For Startups
The business model canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool for developing new and documenting existing business models.

Petar Ninovski
Ultimate Fitness Guide - 360 Success
Ultimate fitness guide for your busy lifestyle. Learn how to live a healthier life and check out the routine that will help you reach your goal!

Fit MEDITATION in your busy lifestyle
Our instructors explain you how to fit meditation in your busy lifestyle and practice meditation in everyday activities like eating, showering and so on.

Basic Business Math online course
After finishing this course you will be able to solve the most common mathematical problems related to your business

CBC Authors
Ishikawa: Problem Solving Tool
When we have a serious problem, it is important to explore all the things that could cause it, before we start applying any corrective actions .

Petar Ninovski
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